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Thread: Film music composer (orchestral scores) - for free

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    Default Film music composer (orchestral scores) - for free

    I am a film music composer looking for interesting films to score.
    I have scored various projects ranging from short films (1-5 minutes) / videogames to feature film (with over two hours of music) - from small-romantic to big-epic and action scenes.
    I am always trying to deliver best possible soundtrack - even in a very short amount of time (there is no problem in composing last minute scores / re-scores / etc. ).

    Examples of my previous works:

    Best Music - Underground Cinema Film Festival (2011)
    Best Music - Game Developers Session (2009)

    Feel free to contact me:
    myspace: Karel Antonín on Myspace Music
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    Hi there, this is a very interesting offer, we are shooting a short film at the moment and will be looking for someone to score it for us. Perhaps you could give us your contact details and once we've finished we could send you over some samples to see if your interested.

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    New extracts added.

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    i really like your stuff, im making a short within the next year, iv been worried alot about the music and have been looking for a composer, also have a budget of nil.
    id love to work with you and hope youd want to score my film.

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    New extracts added (Perfidia, Unlocking Charlie).

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