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    Hi everybody,

    I have been very closely involved in the evolution of this company and I thought it was so good that I quit my job a few months ago and joined the Aframe.

    The system is designed for all level of user and it is designed with privacy & security in mind for your asset and video content.

    I use it to store my videos and I can send and email stream out to whoever I want with a simple email.
    I can plan and schedule a project from the beginning right to the final delivery of work.

    Please do check it out. Its much more useful to a Video content creator than many other storage facilities out there.

    Please do get in touch if you need any more info.

    Thanks for looking


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    Here is a few words about Aframe:

    Aframe is a powerful production platform that simplifies the process of searching, sharing and storing your video.

    This online service offers secure and unlimited storage for your footage. Once it’s on Aframe you can let production companies, broadcasters and freelancers work with it immediately.

    We tag your footage in real time so you can find any frame simply by searching for what you see on screen.

    Aframe takes the pain out of video production by removing the need for expensive equipment, training and staff. Using our unique and custom-built technology, we put production people back in control.

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