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Thread: Music Video shot in a London Black Cab

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    Default Music Video shot in a London Black Cab

    Hi all,

    Shot this video last winter for this band.

    They are friends of mine and since their new album was done in the Abbey Road Studios we decided to do a video in a back of Black London Taxi to continue with the english mood.

    All C&C is welcome

    Two Camera shoot:
    Main set up:

    Body: Canon EOS 5D Mark2
    Lens: Sigma 14mm f2.8 EX DG HSM

    2nd set up:

    Body: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon 17-40 f4L USM

    Ambiant Lighting (the interior light of the cab)
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    Sorry lads but this didn't really work for me, I liked the idea but it just didn't work.

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    Which part didn't work for you? Anything specific?

    I am personally not a fan of the echo in the audio but the audio was recorder live with external mics on the cameras. The echo is really there to drown out some of the ambiant noise!

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    Trying to record live music in the back of a taxi is very difficult without very clever micing up. It was even hard to understand what the taxi driver was saying at the end. Where you using the the on board mics that what it sounds like. I understand why you put on the echo but it doesn't really help, it just seems to take away the clarity of the recording which wasn't very good to start with.

    As for the visuals they where dull. Then to compensate for that you put on an overlay which didn't look good. What you should have done is shot it with different camera angles and distances put in some cut aways of what the passengers could see as they where travelling. This would have helped to keep some interest for the viewer and I would have them mime to a pre-recorded track. Clever editing would have created the same feel of the video of just getting into a taxi, singing a song and then getting out.

    I understand the idea and thought it suited the mood of the song but felt it just wasn't accomplished enough.

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    Thanks for the feedback

    I totally understand where you're coming from with your points but unfortunately the funds were very limited and I did have a few different things in mind but the time and money constraints meant that we had to do with what we had at hand.

    The mics used for this set up were the Sennheiser MKE400s. One on each cam.

    The biggest issue we had was the space that we were working with and also the lighting meant that the shoot had to be at high ISO which resulted in us having to work on some colour changing and multi layering to reduce the effects.

    For a shoot that cost less than 100 including the cab fair though I don't think we have done too bad

    But I do take al the points you're putting across

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    I had to check I didn't have any audio effects on - you'd have been alot better miming to a track I think. The idea is a good one - but perhaps some external shots of the cab (or any cab would do I guess) externally turning corners, heading down a street or whatever would have helped break it up a little. Nice effort though.

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    I quite liked the simplicity of it.

    I didn't much like the beginning (too long) and I think I'd have rather seen the composites actually as a long crossfade/dissolve - as it was they didn't resolve which left me wanting.
    The cabbie's chat at the end - well, I think it was one of those ideas which seemed OK on paper, but doesn't really work.
    Initially I thought it was dubbed as the singer's voice really didn't match the sound at all. I think it was worthwhile attempting to record in the cab, but ultimately it would have made a much better experience if you had dubbed it.
    It needed a bit more variety - as I said have the crossfades resolve, but I'm not sure it needed the external shots: this might have destroyed the intimacy. Perhaps some shots looking out of the windows.

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    agree with the others about sound and variety of shots also the camera was too shakey for a prolonged one angle view. i appreciate it would be difficult in a moving vehicle but a steady cam would have helped. obviously, you didnt have a great amount of time to shoot what with the cab clock ticking away ...!! its a great concept, poorly executed, with a little more planning could have been really great. did you consider asking a taxi driver if they fancied a "nice little earner" or what ever those cockenys call it... and doing the shoot "off the clock" might have bought you a bit more time

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    We asked a few cabbies for this, but a fair few of them just didn't want to do it despite us just asking them to drive around for a few minutes (a full song's worth) with the meter running and with the offer of a generous tip at the end!

    The cabbie that agreed to do it was possibly the man with the worst short memory I have ever come across cause those last few words that he was menat to say were repeated over 10 times and he just couldn't get it right! He couldn't even read his own hand writing! :P

    I have been a bit crossed re the sound but we had 3-4 hours to deliver this when the guys were in London before their first gig and it had to go up on their site so we were really pushed for time.

    If the opportunity rises again for this kind of shoot I'll make sure that we have better mics and also steady cam set up.
    The aim of this set up was to shoot the whole video in one go without mixing it from different tracks and It was a one shot scenario! I think for the time and money we had available, we took a bit slightly bigger than what we could chew!

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    Given the brief, I wonder whether it might have been better to keep the voice as minimally treated as possible, thus making it more obviously recorded in the back of a cab. I think this would add to it's appeal as being done "live" in a very short space of time.

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