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    Can I motion track a clip onto an object that goes out of the screen? I want the clips to move in and out, so the tracking points will move out of the screen. Will this work for motion tracking? Also, If the base track is a time lapse, will After Effects be able to follow the points around?

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    You can to an extent. If the object continues at a similar rate in the same direction you can track it off screen for a short distance. I seen a tutorial a few years back that explained it well, it could have been at but I can't be certain.

    Take what I say here as a guide on where to look further as I really can't remember for certain exactly how it works. In the tracking options the "Adapt Feature on Every Frame" setting analizes the position related to the previous tracked frame, I think you want that box checked. The next bit you definately want. Change the setting from "Stop Tracking" to "Extrapolate Motion" if confidence if below "80%" (default value) and you may need to try different settings for the percentage, depending on your footage.

    If your object starts off screen you can start the track when it's on screen, track forward, then go back and track backwards.

    You can also position track points manually. So in the worse case scenario you can can continue off screen manually positioning the track points judging where they should be in relation to your path. I've done this before and it's useful if the object is accelerating, turning etc.

    If you have the newer version of AE you might get better results with the Mocha tracker, I've not had anything to do that would warrent its use since it became bundled with AE so I'm not sure how you'd go about it, but after watching some demo videos (at that time) online it's really good at what it does.

    If it's time lapse it should still be able to track it, but tracking isn't always a case of press the button and let it run, you often have to pause and adjust track points.


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    I got curious trying to remember how this worked and just watched this tutorial:

    VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals

    It doesn't show anything about going off screen, but around the middle of the video, while talking of the corner pin he does show that you can offset the track point, depending on your footage this could do exactly what you want, not necessarily with the corner pin, if you watch it I'm sure you'll get it.


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