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Thread: 2nd camera and audio recording ?

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    Default 2nd camera and audio recording ?

    Right i've got my self a cannon xh-a1 and a few weddings to do. I'm think im going to get a second un-aned camera to but dont have the funds to get another xh-a1 so i just want something smaller that will have similar quality once converted to sd as the output will be to dvd, I was thinking of getting the Canon HV20 off ebay for around 300

    Also the sound I think I would rather record the sound seperately then sync it back in. Can anyone recomend a good digital recorder and mic setup

    i was all set to just use one camera but i'm worried about dropout's even though i'm only charging to cover my costs at the moment I dont want to mess up if avoidable


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    I don't know about the ccamera but I can recommend the Zoom H2 or Zoom H4n for price and quality.

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    Thanks for that, I came accross the Zoom H2 just after my post. Looks like I will be getting one of those, would I need a seperate mic or is it fine stand alone ?

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    If you are doing weddings I would recommend putting at least one lav mic on the groom so you can hear the vows. The mics on the H2 are not bad but like an mic it's really about using the correct tool in the correct way. The Zoom is fine if you want to record ambient sounds, close in voice recording but don't expect it to record the best mans speech from the other side of the room.

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    I see, may get a Audio Technica ATR3350 then hopefully that should pick up the vows for the bride and groom. so do you get the groom to stick it in his pocket then ? just it looks a bit bulky. For the speaches I was just going to put it somewhere close by to where the speeches are happening.

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    This is hard for me to answer. The H2 isn't to big to put in an inside pocket. I suppose you would have to find the best place to put it judging from the size and shape of the person and the cut of his suite. The quality of the audio for the speeches will be determined on how close you can get the mic to the people speaking and the acoustics of the room, how clearly the people speak etc.

    I'm no expert in the field and would recommend field testing you equipment before you get to the big day.

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    Just musing... for the 'speeches', might it be best to place the H2 on the main table; hidden behind flowers/bottles? However, some cushioning would be needed against the normal banging of the table. I note that the H2 has a HotShoe adapator, which I guess makes it easy to mount on almost anything, using a gorrillapod.

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    Thanks for the advice will be ordering one soon. need to research the second camera a little more

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