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    Once again my brother and his friend who loves acting as soldiers, absolutely begged me to make a video of them.

    Used Adobe Premiere and After Effects for the Editing.

    Filmed with a Sony HDR CX110 Camcorder.

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    I think for a piece like this to work you have to get in close with the camera, use unusual angles like low down looking up or from a tree looking down, close over the shoulder etc... and also the editing has to be much smarter about creating the tension. The music you used worked well to get some of the tension but it needed the visuals to go with it for it to work.

    The gun flash looked ok but the grenade looked false. I think fast cuts can help to sell explosions like this along with adding real things like throwing soil bits of metal rocks etc. A good special effect is often about mixing techniques not just using one.

    Hope this helps.
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    Not bad for youngins.

    Three areas to work in:

    1) Get a tripod. Handheld footage almost always reaks of amateurism.

    2) The gunshots sounded terrible and not at all realistic.

    3) Read up on composition in regards to framing video. Most of your shots had characters dead center of the frame. That works better in 4x3 but it tends to look very uncinematic in 16x9.

    Don't take this stuff as a slam. We tend to focus on the negative aspects of a person's film here. It helps each of us to get better if we understand our weaknesses, and we've all them. If you pay attention to what these folks tell you, you'll get nothing but better.

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