At the beginning of 2011, one of the most interesting international video competitions of the year will be starting: – The Blue Economy Video Competition 2011.

Blue Moves – With this slogan, Blue Economy will present a total of 4 competitions during 12 months, inviting professional and non-professional film producers from all over the world to develop visualizations of ecological innovations regarding the following areas of interest:
• Water & Waste
• Energy
• Construction & Home
• Nutrition & Health

Blue Economy will start the first competition on January 20th within the area of Water & Waste. This area of interest includes the following ecological innovations, from which participants can choose their favorite and hand in a video contribution until March 10, 2011:
• The Power of the Vortex
• Metals without Mining
• Clean Water without Sewages
• Dry and Separation Toilets
• Rethinking Food and Drink Packages
• Water from Air

All videos which are handed in will be placed on the website of Blue Economy. Visitors can watch these videos and registered Facebook users will be able to vote upon them. The winning video will be determined by the online voting results, in which also the judging panel will participate.

The judging panel for the first innovation category Water & Waste will include Prof. Gunter Pauli, founder of The Blue Economy, as well as experts like Prof. Dr. Ralf Otterpohl (Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg), Prof. Dr. Peter Wilderer (Technische Universität München), Matthias Zuber (journalist and film producer) and Helge Kubath (SAE Institute GmbH, Director Digital Film Department), who will make a quality decision about the winner video.

Apart from the Blue Moves Award, the winner will receive a monetary trophy of
US $ 2.000.

Interested? Obtain further information by clicking the link below:
The Blue Economy or Green Economy 2.0 a New Economy of sustainable Business: Video Competition