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Thread: "Wherever You Will Go" Cover Music Video

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    Default "Wherever You Will Go" Cover Music Video

    Hi Guys

    I recently bought the Cokin 2pt light streak filter and thought I'd do some lighting tests via a music video. The song is covered by my friend Ant Richardson.

    Let me know what you think


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    This is but a single 'test' as there is no variation, and 3 mins+ is overkill. Effect filters are too easily overused. It may be called a light-streak filter, but that does not infer that it has to be horizontal!
    With a bit of ingenuity, Cokin filter holders can be manipulated whilst filming, as long as the camera is well mounted, and can lead to more dynamic effects than on the stills cameras they were designed for.
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    That is a fair point

    And I did get some shots with the moving light beams but it was way too distracting and looked amateurish.

    I'll have a think and could probably give it another go if you feel it would achieve more dynamic effects

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    I thought it looked very good. I've never used a light streaking filter before and you've made me want to try one. Your choice of shots and framing was pretty good. There's only so much you can do with just one person in a room. You might try some zooming in and out while panning just for some variety.

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