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Thread: Windows Media Encoder: Audio stream from standard audio device

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    Default Windows Media Encoder: Audio stream from standard audio device

    I know this is a video forum but because my question concerns Windows Media Encoder, I was hoping to get an answer here

    I would like to play radio through the speakers of my Sonos system (system for wireless music). Since this is not supported by Sonos by default I found the following solution:

    Sonos Forums - View Single Post - Using scrobbling outside Germany, UK and the US

    On this page someone explains how to use Windows Media Encoder to make a stream based on your standard audio device on your PC or laptop. This stream can then be played using the Sonos system. This means that if you would play radio on the PC/laptop, it would be streamed and could then be played by Sonos.

    This seems like a good solution for me but I cannot manage to create the WME stream. I have done exactly as explained in the post mentioned above but I don't succeed. I receive the following messages in this order (in Dutch, translation below images):


    Translating the first three images from Dutch to English:

    - Following error has occured during setting the source Live: cannot find the device driver (0xC00D0072)

    - Use the codec Windows Media Audio 9 Professional when coding multi-channel audio data

    - The media input 'device://high defenition audio-device' for source Live is not valid

    The screenshot at the bottom is not an error message but is to show that I cannot select "standard device" for "audiogegevens" (meaning audio data). Maybe WME does not recognize my standard audio device? Or is "meerkanaals WAV bestand" (multi channel WAV file) always the only option here?

    My sound card is working properly, I can also play radio and other sounds on the speakers of my laptop.

    Someone has an idea?

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    The 'mult-channel WAV' option is not required; and therefore the warning about the codec may be ignored.
    However; when run; WME first tries to select the "(default audio device)".
    I suspect WME could not find the relevant device driver for your Sound Card (i.e. the 'default audio device'), so then chose the next option (for mulit-channel WAV); but then warned that that option would require a particular codec.

    I am inclined to check the WME hardware compatabiity details (I guess on the Microsoft site); and your sound card manufacturer's site for drivers or related technical details.

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    Thanks for the reply and suggestion!

    Any more ideas on this?

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    I was able to fix part of the problem I think by installing the recommended sound drivers from the Dell website. I'm now able to create a stream with WME but it only streams sound from the build-in microphone in my laptop...

    This means that if I start talking, I can play that on my Sonos system.. nice to know the streaming itself works but of course this is not what I'm looking for. Anyone who can tell me how to stream the audio that is played on the laptop (in my case music through, the sound that also comes out the laptop speakers) instead of what goes in through the microphone??

    thanks in advance!

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    anyone with an idea?

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    I suspect you must set your sound card to the correct source where it should get it's audio input. It is currently is set to record mic.
    Is this something which is adjustable via Windows Control /Sound; or via whatever mixer your PC uses?

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to find something like this in control panel but I cannot find an option like that in the section that concerns sounds. Anyone knows if this is possible and if so where to set this?

    Or any other solution of course


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    I advise doing some searches for vista audio recording.
    For example, may be useful: Windows 7, Vista Recording Problem, Trouble, cannot record

    I suspect you may get faster and better advice from a forum dedicated to sound cards; or perhaps asking your PC supplier.

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