Hello, new here but hopefully be around a while.

Just got my 7D not to long ago and want to start doing more video then i id previously. I have been looking at a few things tonight to do with the 7D and FCP.

Now i have looked into the whole converting the h.264 files to ProRes and all that. But the main thing i am looking for really is what is the best way to export my final video out of Final Cut Pro.

I ask this as i have been looking at some videos just over 2 minutes long and the file size is 111.99MB where as i have been messing with some stuff tonight a 30 second clip is 322MB.

So what is the best way to get this, have they compressed the video again after exporting it or what..? The quality on it still amazing and its 1080p as well incase that helps.

Thanks for reading,