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    Yes, that's right, an iPhone 4.

    So Park Chan-wook announced that he has filmed an entire short film on iPhone 4s. I am considering following suit somewhat. But I thought I would run it past the honourable and wise members of this forum first seeing as your knowledge on all things camcorder far exceeds mine...

    I am shooting a short film that is to be entered into various film festivals. For this reason it needs to be finished in HD. So we are shooting with a Sony EX3.

    However, there is a footchase sequence in the middle of the film - for the static shots the EX3 does a grand job. But anyone who's used one will know they aren't really adequate for the camerman to run with in front/beside/behind the actor as they are running full pelt down an East London backstreet.

    So...we've been shooting in Canon XM2. A much lighter camera that you can run with. And a fine camera for the price but the downside is that it isn't HD. My first question is therefore, will that matter? Considering that the shots captured with the XM2 will only last for a second or so and be very joggy to get that feeling of speed (a bit like the few seconds here: YouTube - The Bourne Supremacy - Berlin Foot Chase). If they eye doesn't have much of a chance to focus, will the HD to SD matter?

    If this is a problem I was thinking of other options, we don't have any other cameras that shoot in HD at our disposal. Except...for the iPhone 4. It's worked for Park Chan-wook, but that may be because Apple is paying him a nifty sum to do it and release a press statement. Would there be a problem using it for these quick shots? And which would be better, that or the Canon?

    Your advice and help would be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks.

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    any opinions/ideas?

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