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Thread: Dropping frames when capturing

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    Default Dropping frames when capturing

    I've just bought a new editing PC and have just switched over to edius 6.

    so far so good but when im capturing footage in hd the program keeps dropping frames and splitting up my footage.
    this is making editing very tough.

    Im capturing from a Sony HDV A1E, but some of the footage was shot on a Z1.

    Im capturing via firewire and a more experienced friend tells me that my presets are set up correctly

    can anyone suggest what might be causing this to happen?


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    If the hardware and cable are known to be ok then often some background software can be hogging the memory or otherwise interfering with the capture process. Press Ctrl/Alt/Del to see what else is running could be antivirus running in the background. Are you trying capture onto a USB external drive this can be troublesome for capturing.

    If the footage is being split in a way that you don't want. Have a look at the options to see what settings it is on some times it can be set to split clips every 5 mins. OR every time the the camera recording button was pressed to stop recording etc. so see what it is set on.

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