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Thread: I need help editing HD 720P videos.

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    Default I need help editing HD 720P videos.


    A few monthes ago I travelled the USA and recorded some HD 720P videos. Now, I am trying to make a movie but I have some difficulties. While playing these videos in any editing program the videos run very slow and it's impossible to edit a movie like this.
    Right now I am using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17.

    Is there any solution ?

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    What frame rate did you shoot at and does this reflect in your project settings. ie. Standard frame rate in the UK (PAL) 25fps if you used an American camera that would shoot at 30fps (NTSC). Now if you don't mean it's running the video slow and you mean the computers running slow that's another issue.

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    The computer runs great, the video is the problem.
    FPS is 60.

    Another thing, I tried for the first time to edit in Movie Maker and the videos run Perfect. The problem is that in Movie Maker there aren't a lot of effects.

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    If your footage is 60fps you need to set your project properties to 60fps or options or what ever your editing program calls it to match the footage you put in it. This should solve the problem. If your program is using the UK defaults (PAL) it's telling the program to expect 25fps.

    One other thought did you capture the footage from tape or was it solid state media. If tape did you capture it as the right frame rate.
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