Hi to all, this is my first post.

Because of a compatibility issue with my new top of the range HD Sony Handycam HDR-XR550VE and Sonys own software PMB (Picture Motion Browser) I am unable to export HD video files from that Handycam into Sonys software. Sony are aware of the problem, a conflicting codec issue, and are seeking a solution. Exporting those files is not a problem when using alternative software, but I seek a software alternative to PMB. My editing program is Cyberlink PowerDirector.

Sonys PMB would permit to sort, organise, tag and generally manage and group HD video Files.

Sony are a long time finding a solution, so here is my question, is anyone aware of a software product that would permit me to undertake the above. Editing is not a problem as was mentioned I use Cyberlink PowerDirector.