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    Hi, heres a link to my latest showreel which includes many of the recent projects ive been involved with. Thanks for taking the time to have a look:

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    A great looking piece. I thought the ident sections looked superb - though I thought the intro was much too long: if it's a showreel, I'd think potential clients will want to be wowed by the great editing briefly and then move on swiftly to the samples.

    As for the content itself, I thought it showed a great level of competence and a variety of looks. However the content seemed very "samey". It was nearly all close up or mid shot and apart from a close up of a bag and a bit that focused on a car it was all of people.

    Whilst it showed your ability with a camera and video techniques it lacked because it had no audio. Therefore you've only showed half of what you do. Many showreels will have an overall music bed, but then fade this out and fade in the sound from the video clip we're watching from time to time. This not only demonstrates your sills with sound but also adds more variety.

    But, as I said at the top, it looks great.

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    really appreciate the feedback your comments are duly noted, im glad you enjoyed and will definitely take your suggestions on board especially the comments regarding the lack of audio as that was something i was deciding to include or not or maybe save for the customized showreel i plan to do strictly for the film based productions.

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    It's very nice. Like Tim said, the shots did seem a bit samey after a while but the look of the shots did look nice. It's not that each clip is the same it's that each shot is of a person shot from the front of the side at the same distance, shot very nicely but put together like this it makes it samey. I only counted about 5 or 6 clips that where different which is a very small proportion of the whole video.

    Well that how it seems to me. Still nice shots though.

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    Very well done for this type of video. I hate anything having to do with this kind of music, and there's nothing less sexy than a girl trying to act sexy, but I realize there are people who eat this stuff up, and you have to do what a client wants. I also don't like quit cuts, but again, what I like and what's in fashion are apparently two different things. Like I say, for the genre I'm sure it was excellent. The graphics couldn't have been any better. Downright state of the art there.

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