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Thread: How to auto divide DVD into editable clips?

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    Default How to auto divide DVD into editable clips?

    I have a bunch of DVD's (owned by me with my footage), that I would like to bring into Adobe Premiere and make movies. I downloaded DVD Shrink to rip the DVD to my hard drive, but I would prefer to have multiple clips divided by when the camera record button was pressed, instead of one huge long movie clip that I have to shorten hundreds of times during the edit process. Thanks!

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    Most NLE's have the feature of scene detection, Since you have it on DVD already I asume you already captured it once or is this a DVD from a DVD cam? I don't use Adobe but Id guess it has scene detection, someone that uses Adobe can clearify that. If not you can try HDVsplit and see if it works for you, im not sure if it works with SD though but its worth a try, good luck

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    You can an use a scene detector if it uses visual clues, though not all ways reliable.
    Once recorded as a file there is no way detecting individual clips as the TC/clock is continuous, manual is the answer.

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