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Thread: Halo blue screening fun

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    Default Halo blue screening fun

    Out of boredom I made this short Halo 2 "film".

    I've got to fix the timing of the second victim, obviously, and the blood was drawn in Paint in about 2 minutes, and I'm not sure why my mate didn't realise that someone just got shot next to him.

    Also, I outputted the composited avi before I de-interlaced, so the still at the end is distorted.
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    In the words of Winning Eleven 6 FE, "Nice Idea".

    Ahhh, to be a student again...

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    That was funny.

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    haha, i like it. reminded me of something that was on the front page of b3ta the other week, but i can't be bothered finding it again. if i do, i'll post the link. Nicely done though. That second shot was way out though.

    I'd like to see more of these. maybe get in about someone with the sniper rifle. God, i love the sniper rifle. Why did that hard drive have to die? :cry:
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    Very good. Funny and well done for being a quick job.

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    Way Cool.

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    how did you do this? Did you find a blue wall or something?

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    I walked backwards into the side of a building (so I didn't walk under anything) whilst looking at the sky on the Beaver Creek Map.

    I was going to try to find a green wall or something so the screening wouldn't take out the little radar and stuff, but I couldn't be bothered.

    If I can be arsed to make any more the sniper rifle will be the weapon of choice.

    And cheers for everyones comments.
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    i think it is funny, that the first guy gets shot, and the second guy has no reaction...

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    I didn't realise the hassle involved in trying to make a sniping one, I had a go, this is my attempt (this time no-one on the whole beach notices someone getting shot):
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