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Thread: I cannot get video footage from computer to disc

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    Default I cannot get video footage from computer to disc

    I cannot transfer video clips on the computer [from my panasonic hdc-tm10] to a disc.we are using software supplied with the camera , but it takes hours and hours just to transfer a couple of minutes of video.please does anyone know what we are doing wrong? [SORRY THIS QUESTION IS DUPLICATED-I DIDN'T THINK THE SAME QUESTION HAD BEEN POSTED AND IDON'T KNOW HOW TO CANCEL ONE!]
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    Do you mean it takes hours to burn a standard DVD. Some of that time will be taken up with converting your original footage to a suitable format to put on a DVD. Does your computer have a weak processor. This can make converting video take a long time.

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    Yes it was taking forever to burn a standard DVD. We did wonder if it was the computer that was the problem, It is a good quality Dell Computer and Processor and about 3 years old. Maybe if we buy a new CD/DVD Rewriter it might be the answer. Thankyou for taking the trouble to reply.

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    I don't think a new DVD burner is the answer just yet. Although you computer is a 3 years old Dell. This doesn't really tell us how powerful the processor is. There are other factors which will slow down the process. How long in time is the footage. Was it shot in HD. If your trying to squeeze over an hour on to one DVD this may add time. If your hard disk is over 75% full. If the files are fragmented. etc....

    There could be a number of factors that would slow down the process. The more specific the information you give us the better we can help you.

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    Thanks again.We did not realise until you mentioned it how full the hard drive was [very full ,mainly my photos and husbands files] Anyway we are at present transfering a lot over to an external hard drive and then to defragment the remaining files to see if that makes any difference. Video was shot in HD and it was son's wedding so there was quite a lot of it.
    Regards Cheryl.

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