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  1. Default .mov settings help please...

    Up to now i had been outputting as a standard PAL DV ( .avi ) format for the jobs i do, but now they have asked for a different way, and have sent some settings that i dont normally use, so i could do with some info on how to get the finished thing in these settings please

    Firstly its being output from Videostudio Pro X3, so normally its a pre-set DV-Pal setting, ive had a quick look and cant see a .MOV setting in there including in the Custom output, so it may be that i have to render it as an AVI as normal and use something like TMPGENc 4.0 to convert to .mov ?

    In which case, i tried that by changing the settings to what they ask for, and the problem you get is that its not exporting it as a 16:9 like i should, its more like 4:3 with black bars top and bottom to keep the picture 16:9, but the frame 4:3 - Edit, i just saw the Anamorphic part as i was writing that ! , will go back and re-try TMPGENc

    Anyway, here are the settings as sent to me ( i know some are relevant to the original project not the render settings, just copied all from what i have ).........

    File Format : DV25 DVPAL 8 Bits
    Video : 25 Mbit/s
    Colour : 4:2:0
    Picture Size : 720 x 576
    Aspect Ratio : 16:9 anamorphic
    Audio : PCM WAV 16 bits - 48Khz
    Audio Level : -18 dBFs PPM -9
    Audio Loudness : No

    Any help would be great , thank you
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