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Thread: Use of "Video Black"

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    Question Use of "Video Black"

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find a 'technical' area and I use Premiere Pro so I figured it's probably the best place for it, although it's more general.

    Right, video black. Should I use it as black in my films, or does it matter if I use proper black? I'm referring not to any black in footage but if there is a black screen like a title card or end credits? Should my widescreen matte be video black or 'proper' black?

    Probably a simple answer, maybe it's down to individual preference?

    btw, my films are not "family point and shoots" but short films for internet distribution and dvd to cast/crew.

    Dutch Films

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    For end titles etc. I would use proper black. The screen that is been used to viewed the movie will show it as dark as it can, this will vary from screen to screen. When it comes to this type of thing the viewing equipment is probably more important than, should I have nearly black of really black during the edit. Just go to a TV shop and see how each TV has a different take on the colours and contrast etc. If you are lucky enough to have you work shown on a properly calibrated projector shown in a dark room you might just see the difference. IMO.

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    So, not as important as I thought... Thanks.

    Dutch Films

    Canon HV30 | RODE VideoMic | Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

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