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    Greetings to everyone,

    I'm the co-founder of Zenith Productions, a french-canadian filmmaking little group. Since eight years we've been making a lot of series but it never got really far. This series, called Eternal Hunters, is our biggest project since a long time, we started to shoot the first episodes in summer 2010 and we are now filming the fourth episode in Montreal. Episodes 1-2-3 were shot with a Sony HDR-HC5 (prehistorical stuff yeah). But the next ones will be filmed with our brand new Canon EOS 550D. If you like series like Heroes, Supernatural, Charmed, and what now, I'm sure you'll like this. So please leave us your comments, we are always glad to read them! For non-french speakers, don't worry, the first two episodes are subtitled.

    Season One: Origins:

    The first season will be made of 9 episodes of 15-25 minutes and we also have ideas for a second season (probably in end-2011-2012).

    If you want to see episode 3 before it gets traduced, you just have to go to the Zenithprod youtube channel.

    We hope you will like our work!

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    Please give some feedbacks, we worked very hard to make this series =(


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