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    After buying a video camera for myself, I've suddenly got landed with a task for the school I work in. We might be using video more in the future for various things, so I've been asked to trial software and equipment and come up with a budget.

    One of the trial projects I am doing for the school is a GCSE PE video. I tried Pinnacle, which is fine. But I've also been trying Vegas and I prefer it. All is going well so far in Vegas except this one problem:

    At the beginning of every new 'section' of sport, I have to label several pupils with their names to make identification easier for the examiner. But actually, labelling could be something that is quite common in a lot of the school's future footage.

    I'm doing that just now in Vegas with: 'media generators -> text -> soft shadow'. In Pinnacle, I could simply add lots of text items into one 'overlay' and then position them all separately. In Vegas, each overlay only takes one piece of text, so I'm having to add several video tracks just to add an overlay to each.

    It doesn't feel like the correct method. Is there an easier way to do this?


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    I'm not sure if I'm following you correctly, but can't you just "cut" your takes into smaller portions and then put text on each of them while on the same track? You know, you can have several takes/clips on each track.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    There is only one track with video in it.

    I have to create a new track for each name label. For instance, 6 pupils standing in line at the beginning of football or volleyball footage means I have had to create six layered tracks, each containing one 'generated media' item. If I had to label 30 pupils at an event in the future, I'd need to create 30 layered tracks, each containing one 'generated media' item.

    This just seems a very clumsy way of putting several differently positioned text labels on the screen at the same time.

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    You're not explaining things very well for me. Are you trying to align text boxes under or over each individual person or something? because you haven't said so. There's no reason you can't have every single person's name in one text box. If you're trying to align a text box under/over each person, then using a still photo in a photo app is by far the best way to go. Almost any photo app can do this.

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    I think I get what your saying Anti. If you have got Vegas Pro you could do it all on one track with ProType Titler. This will let you position each piece of text individually on the same piece of media. Type your first label then click on the plus button, the Add text button, to create a new text block. If you don't have this tool you may have to keep doing what you're doing or use a graphics program to make the lables on one piece of media. The best way to do this is take a snap shot of the frame you are labeling and use that as your position guide. Place the text over this as a new layer. Then remove the origional snap shot. You can then import this into Sony Vegas.

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    Thanks to both.

    Looking at YT videos, the 'protype titler' is probably what I'm looking for (although it seems to do much more than I need). There's quite a jump in price from the Vegas Platinum Suite to the Pro version. However, 600 is a drop in the ocean for the school. I'm sure that if they want to use this equipment for promotional materials and for making videos to sell to parents, that they won't mind at all forking out that kind of money. They'll probably make it back quite easily.

    I did think about using a still, but would prefer to keep everything all in one application if possible. Plus, I can envisage events in the future where the label will need to follow movement/panning across the screen without having to pause the footage with a still shot.


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    Quote Originally Posted by -Anti- View Post
    There's quite a jump in price from the Vegas Platinum Suite to the Pro version.
    You can buy an upgrade version which is much cheaper, around 395 educational version may be cheaper still. If you really need to start moving multiple labels around the screen to track with the motion of the different people this may be beyond what Vegas can do and you may need something like After Effects to accomplish this.

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    If you do upgrade to Vegas Pro, you'll have unlimited tracks (well limited by the computer's resources) and so you could use the basic text generated media as you have been. This is much simpler and will probably be quicker that ProType Titler for what you want. Having said that as the Movie Studio versions now give you (I think) 10 video tracks you've probably got enough for what you want anyway.

    So, in answer to your first question, given what you're got, you are doing it the right way.

    However, don't pass up the opportunity to get hold of Pro. If the school is buying, I'm sure that Sony Creative Software do educational discounts.

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    Great answers. Thanks.

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