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    I have recently been making a compilation adding footage from my digitam camera and other cameras to make a video. The files are files like .mov .mp4. .mpeg etc. I also have files from my main camera which captures an saves as .AVI an I know theres no loss of quality there. But when I add all these files into vegas and make a compilaiton and save it at the end. Would saving it as .AVI like I usualy do cause any loss of quality to the other camera footage ? Just wondering how I go about saving this video. Thanks, Laurie.

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    Technically, yes there will be a loss of quality. This depends on several factors, including:

    • Whether the dimensions of the video (the frame size) are changed to match the others
    • The level of compression used inthe original footage
    • The final delivery format

    In practice, if you set the output as the highest comparable quality to the inputs, you will not notice any material deteriation in quality. In fact, it's often the case that a reduction in theoretical quality, i.e lowering the bitrate and framesize, will not result in a perceived loss of quality.

    I suggest that you export the video as you normally would; if the other footage was "better" than your normal camera, then this will be "reduced" to the same quality as you would normally expect. This would ensure some kind of continuity.

    What you may well find, however, is that you run into complications of having different source videos on the same time line. This is due to potentially differing framerates, frame dimensions and most importantly codes used. This is the first step you'll have to overcome. A solutiuon I normally apply when tackling this problem is to convert all footage to the same type as the video most used in the final output. So if the vast majority of your footage is from one camera, convert to this medium before editing. This method may not be optimal in terms of quality, but will save you a lot of hassle.

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