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Thread: backgrounds, overlays and animations

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    Default backgrounds, overlays and animations

    I was wondering if anyone had some files they could share with myself and other users on this forum.

    I have no ideal on how to make the above and the actual software packages cost a fortune. i thought maybe we could post some for others to use and we could all share them.

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    what kind of backgrounds etc would people like?
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    Heres a low res example of something quick and dirty I put together in Particle Illusion just now. Took about a minute.

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    i believe any sort of background or overlay and motion stuff would be of benefit. I think it should be useful designs, people could be using it for a wedding video, or there babies first birthday or some event they went too.

    we could share tips on various programs to use to create your own, or websites offering freebies. you may have bought a magazine and had some free stuff, that could be passed on to.

    what do you think.

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    sounds like a useful idea

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