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Thread: Bodyboarding - First Week of January 2011

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    Default Bodyboarding - First Week of January 2011

    Ronald's Blog - Bodyboarding First week of January 2011.

    Footage from 2 days, one morning and one afternoon.

    Music: Hello Seahorse - Bestia
    Camera: Sony HDR CX110
    Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro

    Song available for Download here: Free Music Archive: Hello Seahorse! - Bestia

    Watch in HD

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    Hi Ronald and welcome to the forum.

    One problem with vids like this is that it's very difficult to get a variety of shots. Very often there's one good place to set the camera where the sun is right and the line of sight is right and so virtually everything is shot from that angle. Also, becaus ether's sea in the way, it's difficulat to get in ad get any close ups so that the result is lots of wide angle shots from the same direction.

    It appears you have recognised the monotony of this and have compensated by throwig in a number of cutaways. This is good stuff, but all the same you really need to figure a way of gettng closer to the action. At present, the cutaways very quickly become more interesting than the bodyboarders; in fact, rather unfortunaely, the emphasise the fact that all the bodyboarder shots are in wide angle.

    I liked the sped up footage of the waves rolling in, though the clip may have lasted a bit long.

    One thin you do need to watch is your camera being set square. There are several shots where it the horizon is "leaning" at about 15 degrees. This is particularly important when you have water in a shot as water cannot slope!

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    Thanks for the tip!

    I will definately keep that info in mind the next time I shoot.

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    I'm a complete novice, but the zoomed pans seemed a little jerky, as if your tripod was sticking.
    This trick might help if you haven't already seen it:

    Not sure how much this affects the accuracy of the shot though.
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    Thanks for that!
    Yes, my tripod is sticking a bit - comes from buying a cheap tripod.
    But will see if that rubber band does something.

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