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Thread: Desperate with Vegas Movie Studio 10

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    Default Desperate with Vegas Movie Studio 10

    Hello everybody.

    I find myself in a desperate situation with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. I am currently editing a short-film which I've filmed using a Canon 7D in full resolution. So for the first week of editing, everything was working properly and the editing was done smoothly.

    But now, the software crashes about everytime I use it. The preview screen turns red after 5 minutes of usage. I also get an error message really often telling me I don't have enough memory to preview the video (or render it for that matter).

    My computer specs are the following :
    Dell Studio XPS8100
    Intel Core CPU dual 2.67GHz
    6G Ram and Windows7 64-bit

    Is there anything I can do to make this thing work again? Or am I simply demanding too much because the clips are full HD? How can it tell me I don't have enough memory when my computer should definitely be able to run this with ease?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't get any work done because of these multiple technical problems. I need myself a new editing software perhaps.

    Thanks a lot.

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    What codec?

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    The camera exports videos to my computer in .mov. Then I import them into After Effects to enhance the image and give it a look I like, then I export them in .mov again which is what I import in Vegas.

    I'm not very knowledgeful regarding codecs, so if I didn't answer your question please tell me! I know that I'm dealing with huge files here, for example a 30sec clip can be 8G, so perhaps this is what's creating my problem. But then again, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum should be able to deal with HD videos so I don't know.

    Thanks for helping out.

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    .mov is just the container, the codec is different.

    In After Effects when you set the format to "Quicktime" you are chosing it as the container, if you then select "Format Options" you will see a list of video codecs, I'm not certain what codec your 7D uses I think maybe H.264, but you may find that not to be the best editing codec. I like to use the Avid DNxHD codec in a QT (.mov) container for editing, you'd need to download (Free) and install it.

    Avid - Avid QuickTime Codecs LE 2.1 Download

    Whatever codec you chose you'll find that you can then change the codec settings for some, this generally relates to bitrates and resolutions.

    I don't use Vegas, but if you did decide to use the avid codecs, I can't imagine any reason why vegas wouldn't use them, perhaps if there are any issues a Vegas user that may have tried before may read and reply.


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    Vegas may fine it easier to edit in a HDV format. Will After Effects create .m2t files, It's like a HD mpeg file. Another possible solution is to Prerender the clips in Vegas, if Movie studio has this option. The clips should run smoother if you do this. Just a couple of suggestions as a work around until someone much smarter than me in these matters comes along.

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    I forgot to add. You could save a lot of time if you change your workflow. Making adjustmets in AE, exporting, bringng into vegas then editing is a bit backwards. Your going through rendering time for adjustments made to video that you then may not use in the edit.

    Generally the best way to do this is to create your edit then make the adjustments to the sections of video that you know your using. I have no idea how Vegas integrates into any effects software, so you'd either want to make adjustments within Vegas, or if it's work that's beyond the capabilities of Vegas, get your edit out and into After Effects.

    In the past this used be a case of manually recreating the edit in After Effects. Now there can be more integration between diferent software, the most straight forward with After Effects being with Adobe Premiere.

    But even with that, I recon with your pc power and video quality relationship you'll still need to convert it to an intermediate codec before editing.


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    Dont convert this to HDV for editing. HDV has restictions (particularly PAR related) that will lower the quality of your video.


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    Thank you for your reply David.

    I'm at work right now but I'll definitely try that tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed like hell.

    EDIT :
    Is there such a thing as a prerender option in Vegas? I'm pretty sure it'll help the situation but I can't find it.

    And the way I work is that I export all takes from camera onto computer, then I pick the good ones and import them into AE, so I immediately chose what footage I want. After processing them through AE, I import in Vegas and start editing.
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    What are the restrictions and what is PAR ?

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    PAR is just pixel aspect ratio. HDV has a resolution of 1440 x 1080 non square pixels (PAR - 1.33) . To convert Full HD 1920 x 1080 square pixel footage (PAR - 1) to HDV would leave it that way and lower the image quality.

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