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Thread: Need After effects editor for promotional videos

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    Default Need After effects editor for promotional videos

    Hello to everyone !
    I have a new-developed web site for hyper virtual conferences, and i need promotional videos to be produced , the style should be something like that :
    I have background music ready,voice over, images and video,i just need someone to put them in atractive way.

    For this i really dont have budget for it , as all my money went up for the site , and i can afford more than 70$ per video,of a total of 4 videos , you can apply only for one, you can use the video in your portfolio and we might think for future compensation.

    You can contact me on ; skype - sharky_24

    Thank you in advance !
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    This is genuine question to satisfy a genuine curiosity.

    What made you decide that the website would get the money put in to it and that this wouldn't.

    On a less genuine note, perhaps you should apply to get the work done, rather than ask for applicants.


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