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    The audio in playback is poor quality - please can someone tell me the right settings when rendering a video? At the moment it is pointless making videos as the audio at the end just makes it poor quality.

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    What format are you trying to render to? Is the playback poor just in the rendered output or is it poor when previewing on the timeline? What version of Vehgas (ie Movie Studio/Platinum/ Vegas Pro) and version/subversion number (eg 9.0c)? And finally, apologies for asking this, but is this a legit version of the software with a legit serial number, registered with Sony Cretaive Software?

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    Hi Tim,

    I use Sony Vegas 9.0 and I brought the software. I use the following when rendering:

    mple rate Hz: 48,000
    Bit Depth: 16
    Quality setting: Best

    The audio sounds perfect on the timeline - but when I render it and play it back - it is hard to listen to it because of the sound quality.


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    If it's ok on the time line but not when you play it back after render with those settings, which look fine to me, could it be your player settings ? Can you post a sample so we can have a listen.

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    The lower or higher up you go the music seems to get glitchy if your settings aren't tuned correctly.

    I suggest simply moving your audio sample rate (Hz) to 44,000 instead of 48,000. I notice when I render standard, and HD movies the audio always works best and renders best to that setting for both YouTube HD and SD/HQ. So try rendering your video out to an AVI or WMV (WMV suggested) and seeing how the audio turns out. It will also make it easier for websites like YouTube and Vimeo to convert them to flash.

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