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Thread: Speed or RAM (Vegas)

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    Default Speed or RAM (Vegas)

    New Intel processors look stupendous and I will have some money left over after paying George so I am really, truly, honestly, going to get around to building my new machine for Vegas.

    I'm not normally into overclocking, preferring stability, but these beasts are designed for it and you can buy pre-tested bundles.

    I'm now in the position of having to decide between an i5 2500 at standard speed of 3.3GHz with 16GB RAM or an i5 2500K (the K means unlocked) running at 4.7GHz but with only 8GB RAM (more than that and the CPU won't overclock reliably. Apparently). Normally I'd go for the RAM every time, but this is such a massive speed increase....

    Or should I go for an i7 2600/2600K?

    NLE is Vegas Pro (64 bit obviously)

    Comments/experiences anyone?

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    I think 16gb of ram would be overkill and would be more inclined to go for the speed on the processor. With the speed of the remainder of these systems, the RAM shifts the workloads so fast you don't need quite as much as historically! Just my 2p.
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