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Thread: Vegas Movie Studio: Render 1hr 14 project = 1hr 1 min render (video only)

  1. Default Vegas Movie Studio: Render 1hr 14 project = 1hr 1 min render (video only)

    I upgraded to Vegas Movie Studio 10 recently. In November I rendered a main concepts mp2 DVD and Blu-ray formats. A 1 hr 14 project rendered without problems.

    Now I have a Blu-ray drive I wanted to re-render the same project at a higher bitrate.
    Every time I render it it comes out as 1hr and 1 min, 13min short. The title and credits are all there, it is just shorter. I've tried rendering it as DVD and Blu-ray formats with the same results. I even went back and tried Vegas MS 9, using my original project file, and it came out the same, just over one hour, 13 mins short. I specifically checked to make sure I did NOT have "render loop" checked.

    I rendered the Sound, and it came out fine, 1hr, 14 min, so another mystery.
    Any ideas what could be causing this odd behavior.
    NOTE: Re-rendered the DVD and it was FINE, so it is just the Blu-ray at 1920. After looking at the blu-ray render I did in November I determined it was 1440, so maybe it is just the 1920 that is messed up. I'm going to try a Sony HD 1920 and a main concepts 1440 to see if those work..
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    Are You using the correct PAL setting and not NTSC template

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    I'm in the USA, so NTSC it is!
    Went back and rendered the regular DVD and it was fine! 1hr 14 min
    OK I've determined that the blu-ray I rendered in November was 1440. So I'm going to try 1440 and then
    the Sony HD1920. Perhaps it is only the main concepts blu-ray 1920 that is screwy.
    Thanks to all who read, and burned so grey cells in helping this ol' fellow!
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    ok, the DVD came in at 1hr 14 min but the blu-ray render was 1hr 1 min???

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    I'm also using NTSC in the States. I had a similar problem rendering a standard def mpg file with Vegas 10 Platinum. I taken a 2-hour mpg rip from a DVD and brough it onto the timeline where I cut it into 10-minute segments so I could upload it to one of my YT channels. All of the segments came out fine except the last one. It kept coming up short after trimming a little off the beginning of the clip. I had to send the clip out to another editing app and trim it there instead.

    Were you using version 10? If so, it may be a bug in the new version.

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    Vegas Movie Studio Plat 10 at first... So I actually went back and tried in version 9 and it did the same thing. Short by 13 min. I even went to my November month end project backup, and reloaded because after I opened it in verison 10 it would not re-open in verion 9.

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    What format was your footage in that was on the timeline in the first place before rendering? Mine was mpg2 typical standard def from a DVD rip. If yours was some form of mpg also, then it might indicate that it's having problems specifically with mpg footage. Might be bad news for guys using HDV. The problems seems to pop up now and then with certain footage though. Odd.

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    The video is from a Sony HD cam and is specifically MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 1920
    1080/60i. I'm now attempting a Sony HD render, time will tell, says 8 hr to render. Hopefully
    it is just a Main Concepts render problem. Sony camera, Sony, program, Sony render and cross
    my fingers!

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    Problem Solved: 1hr 14min render = 1 hr 14 min video. It was only Windows 7 64bit TELLING me it was only 1hr and 1min! I tested it first by rendering a 30min video and then timing it with a stop watch! Windows said it was 26 min long, played it in Windows Media Player, and after 26min it kept playing.. for 4 min!

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    I'm dumbfounded. How long has Windows been in development?

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