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Thread: Help: Dark scenes becoming impossible to see after rendering.

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    Default Help: Dark scenes becoming impossible to see after rendering.

    I'm editing a short film using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10.

    I have one scene where a child wakes up in the night, so the shot is dark. It was actually done in normal lighting but I added the night effect after, using the colour corrector on vegas.

    Anywhere here is a screenshot of how it should look, exactly as it appears in the preview window:

    But after I render the video, it comes out like this:

    ...which is obviously useless. The video is HDV (1080-24p) and I have tried rendering it under several templates (including huge, uncompressed avi), but nothing has made a difference. I am also seeing faint, vertical lines all over the image (including at normal lighting).

    As you can tell I am new to editing on vegas, so if somebody could kindly let me know how to get around this issue it'd be much appreciated.


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    I bet people think I'm going to say something here, but I'm gonna make them do it!

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    Looks like no-one is going to.
    Is the answer: "set your compositing gamma (in project properties) to 32 bit floating point and the second box to full range 2.222"?

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    That can't be the answer because you can't do that in Platinum. Rather silly on Sony's part, no?

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    Great sounding answer but nope that's not it. You would have had to have read all Swoopies 282 posts to find the answer. I wonder if the preview in Vegas has a little less contrast than it should have, who knows not me.

    I do know that .m2t files when rendered look darker than the Vegas preview, so you have to guess during the edit how it should be. If it looks right in the preview and not in the render make the preview of the clip too light and then it might look right after the render.

    In this case the scence is to dark full stop.

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    In this case the scence is to dark
    I'm not going to ask if you meant scene or seance?

    PS, you do realize this poster is just Andy trying to get a rise out of me, don't you?
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    You know what I meant. Glorious leader ? I don't know about this.

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    I'm wise to this wise guy. I'll be sending him a box with a snake in it for Christmas.

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    Just contact the Admin and explain what's going on.

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    Oh come on MB, you know how forums operate. Especially when you see all these one post wonders. No biggie. I'm happy to play along.

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