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    is it possible that u can copy ur video footage from a dv tape camcorder to the new digital camcorders via the dv outputs is 4pin to 4 pin cable that take the memory cards so i can use them on my laptop, its a long story but my last post in hardware expalins all

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    Some cameras will do this but I don't know all the working of all the cameras out there. Have you got a friend that has got a PC with a firewire card, you could then capture the video on to that and copy it across onto your laptop.

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    Generally - consumer camcorders (within the UK at any rate) that have the ability to record in from a source are rare. Main reason - as wildly stupid as this sounds - they become, in the eyes of the law, a 'Video Recorder'. As such they apparently attract a higher rate of tax. I've heard tell that the hardware is there, just disabled. Frequently a firmware upgrade to European or US spec enables the function.

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