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Thread: My youtube channel (Silverline Production)

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    Wink Short Films (Silverline Production)

    Hi Guys, we are Silverline Production and would like to you all to check out our official youtube channel and website. As a group of three we specialise in Film and Design, using industry standard software to deliver the finest quality of profession. Adobe Suite, Sony Suite and FX Home being the core applications used. Silverline Production have worked with clients around the world with tremendous success with no complaint, either about workmanship, fit or price. We are a highly qualified team and have successfully completed degrees in,

    - FDEG in Design For Multimedia
    - BSc (Hons) Degree in Media Production (Multimedia)
    - MA Film Making


    YOUTUBE CHANNEL: YouTube - SilverlineEnt's Channel

    Thank you
    Silverline Production
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