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    Hey, I need help with my assignment. We've been given a month to shoot a music video and I have my camera, song, idea ready. Only problem is I'm not sure where I should shoot the video. My video consist of 2 shots. One would be the story and the other is the band performing. I already have an idea on where the story shot is gonna be. But the problem is the band's shot.

    I'll give a bit of detail on the song I chose. I decided to do Things Will Never Be The Same by the Jonas Brothers. It's about a couple who started out as friends, got together and somehow broke up. They wanna fix things and get back together but every time they try, it falls apart. I need to find a location for something that makes you feel like that. I don't wanna do rooftops as it's already been done. No, twinkling lights in the background either. You can check out their music video on youtube. I wanna give my video that sort of feeling to it.

    If anyone could help out, please reply. Oh, and I live in Malaysia, so give me a general location. Eg. warehouse, underwater, restaurant, theme park etc.

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    What about having the band play at the location where the couple meet.

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    That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Thank you so much!!!

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