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Thread: Trying to cut a massive MPEG-4 file

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    Default Trying to cut a massive MPEG-4 file

    I hope I've posted this in the right place...

    Alright, so here's what I've been attempting and failing at for a few days now.
    I have a 21.5GB video I want to cut. It's 7 hours, 14 minutes long and is all in one piece (not split).

    If it matters (not sure if it does):
    Video Codec - xvid
    Video Size - 1280x720
    Video Bitrate - 7097
    Video Framerate - 50
    Audio Codec - mp3
    Audio Bitrate - 115
    Sample Rate - 48000
    Audio Channel - 2

    I've tried splitting it (to make it more manageable) using Xilisoft Video Editor and another program (forget which) and it either crashes at 8% or it comes up saying there's a runtime error (don't know what this means). I tried converting it to AVI using numerous programs and it has either not worked or the quality became awful. I'm now trying to convert it to AVI using Clone2Go. Should take an hour or eight to finish. The newest Windows Movie Maker refuses to accept it as does 2.6. Adobe Premiere won't accept it either. This is getting rediculous.

    I have tried using Xilisoft Video Editor to split the video (runtime error) and to cut it. When I try to cut it I can select the portion I want to cut just fine, but even if this portion is 1 second long I can't delete it. It asks for a destination path and I provide it, but when I actually try to REMOVE it it says that the destination path cannot accept files larger than 4GB! This is for ONE SECOND. The video is 7:14 long and yet one second of it is larger than 4GB? What am I missing here?

    Any advice?
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    I've no idea about this really, but the way I would proceed would be to download a trial of Sony Vegas Pro and see if the file can be loaded in in a piece of renowned, top-of-the-range software.

    If it can't, I'd probably take it to someone with good hardware (Eg. wedding video specialist) and pay them to quickly cut it into several sections.

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    I'm going to send you a P.M.

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    A freeware application named "FFMPEG" may be able to split the file. Windows users can find the application here: Zeranoe FFmpeg - Builds (either 32 or 64bit versions available).
    I think there is an example of your requirement here: [all variants] split video with ffmpeg without losing frames - Ubuntu Forums

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