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    This a very basic showreal from last year any tips on improving on it?

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    Given all the footage you've shot of rallying I'm rather surprised you've just packaged together some pieces to camera in your showreal [sic]
    What you need to do now is cut very brief shots of you doing your piece to camera in with the live action footage and keep your narration underneath. Telling us what's going on will make your rally vids much more interesting and you have a superb voice for this.

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    Yeah I'd say cut some pictures of beckham and Ferdinand or maybe a short movie of them.

    However, if its a show reel of what your presenting skills are then they're good. If you look at Fast Lane Daily on you tube they have pictures next to the presenter and some times cut away to videos, while keeping the voice of the presenter on top.

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    I'm guessing you don't have legal access to real F1 footage or a real interview with Gerrard - so I'd be far more inclined to 'commentate' on your own work. This reel says little other than the fact you can speak confidently to camera...

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    thanks for the advice guys

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    I think a showreel like this would have been better done as an OB with mic in hand stood outside a football stadium or at least a green screen shoot so you can put in the appropriate backgrounds to your commentary or may be a TV studio like match of the day. Unfortunately this is a typical cheep looking showreel which is a shame as you come across well in front of the camera and deserve better.

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