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Thread: A new camera? (Maybe Kodak Zi8?)

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    Default A new camera? (Maybe Kodak Zi8?)

    Hey there! I'd thought this would be abit dumb to ask, but I'd like a little camera that I could use to record when I'm around, nothing big stuff, but just so I can bring it around. (Might fit in a backpack ofcourse.)

    I*d also like it to be good enough for amateur videos, like effect testing and so on.

    The thing I'd like, is 1080p / 720p, very good image stabilization, connection to a computer via USB or similar, very user friendly. (Change memorycards, and change settings. I'd seen the Flip cams doesn't even have a setting for ANYthing!) and good sound.

    And best of all, i'd like it to be cheap. I've looked abit at the Kodak Zi8, but I'm kinda worried about the image stabilization, "night vision" and so on.

    I'd be totally awesome if it was around 200$ or something, though I just want to have a cam I can bring around.

    Bonus question: What camera do they use here?

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    A Flip isn't really a bad cam at all for that price.

    Personally, I wouldn't be concerned too much about HD vs SD for this type of thing which will likely only be seen on the interent where everything is a low quality conversion anyway. I've got an old, cheap Canon ZR60 that I refer to as my glovebox cam. (I know another filmmaker who has the exact same model for the exact same use). We just wanted something cheap to keep in the car in case... well, you never know when you're gonna see the mothership land or something!

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