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Thread: Keeping HDV quality

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    Default Keeping HDV quality

    Hi all,

    I've been filming a while, and when I'm finished I usually hand my tapes over to the editor.

    However, the time has come when I've got to edit something myself, and whenever I've tried to import HDV, edit, and then export I'm loosing the HD quality it was shot in.

    How do I preserve this quality?

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    The simple answer is to keep the media, Capture, project properties and render settings all the same. So we know exactly where your going wrong, you'll have to tell us what you are doing exactly.

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    Ok, I'll try that.

    I'm shooting HDV 16:9 1080i PAL. I think I'm going wrong in the render settings. I'll have another go, cheers!

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    Are you capturing HDV or just DV ? Most editing software has templates, you don't say what you are using, just look for a PAL 1080i HDV template in your software, that's a good place to start from even if it's not exactly right for you for example you may want to change it to 720p for uploading to YouTube.

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    Yes, capturing from HDV.

    I'll have a look in the templates - thanks a lot.

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