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Thread: Snow timelapse

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    Default Snow timelapse

    Hey all,

    This is the kind or things I usually shoot.
    This was around 600 frames shot at 2 frames a minute and left over night behind the window.

    I used my Canon EOS 5D Mark2 & Sigma 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens

    All C & C is welcome
    Snow Timelapse | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    I thought the look was ok such as the exposure etc. but not the fisheye ( I personally don't like them ). The video didn't really work for me as it lacked interest. IE there wasn't really anything interesting happening.

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    haha I know!
    This is my 1st timelapse and I do agree that it need a load more work. I still need to add some text to the blank screen at the very end!

    Thanks for your comment though

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    It didn't really hold my interest either, but I disagree with MB about the fisheye lens. I thought it looked pretty cool in this context.

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    Yeah nicely done. Fisheye looks quite nice and the lighting not too bad at all, night shots are very tricky to get right. Now you have experimented, go try something a little more dynamic.

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    I'd experiment with timings a little - things like dropping to normal speed (maybe when the footprints appear at 27s) and things like that.... like it though - has a nice quality in the look that I like a lot.

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    Thanks guys

    I did try different timings but in the end I opted for 24fps as the effect of the snow fall and the snow trails were not really that visible with other settings, also at higher frame rates everything finished too early and fast so it seemed a bit more pointless than it is right now!

    Looking forward to spring to do a tilt & shift sunrise or sunset shoot.

    Sun is in short supply in London at the mo

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    sorry for bumping topic. I've never seen any recomendations about recording sunrises and sunsets... as I know, sun is very dangerous when it comes to lenses (think about magnifying glass and what it does when under the sun). But what in the case of cameras (foto and video) ?

    Don't wanna destroy a camera worth few thousand euro's =)

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