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    Talking My skiing experience

    Hello everyone,

    Here is my first shooting/editing experience with my new camcorder.

    I purchased an "Active-i" ( to make this video. I am a big fan of sport (skiing and biking), and I absolutly wanted some POV camcorder to make cool videos.
    I also purchased "Powerdirector" (PowerDirector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) to edit the video afterward.

    I then took my camcorder, went to the french Alps for christmas time, took lots of videos and made my first movie. This is not really pro, but as a first one, I am really happy with the result!!!

    Please give your comments and advice, I'd love to do even better next time !

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    POV shots are good but the whole video of just POV shots is a little to much for a video of this length. I was wondering what the black dot was in the sky where the sun should be.

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    I got bored after the first minute. This was kind of along the same lines as people who do time-lapse or who speed up videos of traffic scenes and such. There just doesn't seem to be much point to any of it. I don't know, maybe it's fun for kids to watch this kind of thing, but I'm on the wrong side of 50, and to me these kinds of videos just say, "Whee!" Like I say, maybe fine for kids though.

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    mmmmm, true...

    I need to admit that it's kind of long...

    Any suggestion to make a POV video interesting ? I think the shootage itself is not bad, but the editing may have been better...

    I'm waiting for your advice

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    I don't think you can have the whole thing be POV and have it be interesting. It needs more shot variety.

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