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Thread: Mixing footage of different resolutions

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    I am shooting in 1080 but I will also be using 720 and 480 footage, mainly as backgrounds after I key out the green screen. How do I make this mesh in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3?

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    However you want. I for one would treat each piece separately though. That is, I would work on the 720 footage until I had done all the trimming and color correction etc., and then bump it up to 1080 at the output. Then do the same for the 480 footage. That way you can have everything at the same resolution when you're putting it all together, and your software will thank you for it.

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    Thanks for responding. I guess thats how I will do it.

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    Premiere is lovely in the way that it's not an issue to mix frame-rates, formats or resolutions in one sequence. Depending on your delivery resolution try and get all your footage to fit the same frame size. (interpolating 480 to 1080 might give you some quality issues though)

    To do this, simply right click on the footage once in the timeline and click 'scale to frame size'. This will enlarge/shrink the targeted clip to whatever the project resolution is. So in theory, although it's not ideal, it's perfectly doable.

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