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Thread: Would this actually make any significant difference?

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    I know pretty much nothing about cable construction, but I do know that they couldn't get the set up running, they changed the cables for expencive, not this expencive right enough, cables and the set up worked with no other changes.

    The bottom line is that even if there was a massive difference, it would still annoy me that this kind of price tag is on something that cost so little to produce.

    That's an interesting video, thanks for linking.


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    There is a difference between cheap HDMI cables and more expensive HDMI cables in that the cheaper ones won't carry as much info as the expensive ones. I'm talking about the difference between 5, 25 and 100 cables here. Certainly a 5 cable will not be able to cope with a 3D Sky channel but anything more than 100 for a HDMI cable is plain daft.
    If you're in a shop, just have a look on the packet and it will say what the capacity is. Sometimes they're marked as Cat 1 or Cat 2 cables. For most HD TV sources, Cat 1 cables will suffice. For multiscreen or 3D 1080P you will need Cat 2.

    In my experience there is no difference in the quality of the image, as long as the cable can handle the data rate.

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