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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to share our new music video with you. It’s for a Twickenham based band called ‘The Wild Archive.’ We previously made another video with them under their former name ‘Narration.’

    We shot the majority of the video in London but the beach shots were filmed on Bournemouth beach during ‘the golden hour.’ We had to work really quickly to achieve the shots we needed before the light faded! It was stressful but turned out completely fine.

    The running shots were achieved by literally hanging out the boot of a moving car. Luckily no-one got hurt. I think.

    Some you that have seen my short ‘Dancer’ may remember Ben and Amy, our ‘Runners.’

    I hope you enjoy!

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    Top Job Jim. I thought the editing was particularly good in this. Right from the focus pull at the beginning this video draws you in and kept me with it all the way through. I'm not quite sure about the meaning of the runners and passing the baton etc. may be it's something in the lyrics of the song but I missed that. I still liked it.

    I hope the band are pleased with it, they should be.

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    Thanks Midnight! The meaning of the video is slight ambiguous - people have come back to us with some interesting interpretations mainly revolving around 'a young man battling with his own sexuality.' Not to sure about that but it was more of a visual idea rather than anything deep. But it is interesting to see what people make of it though!
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

    Follow me on twitter - @DirectorJWebber

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