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Thread: Moving Blu-ray Menus in Encore

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    Default Moving Blu-ray Menus in Encore

    I need to create some commercial Blu-ray discs that are pretty much identical to the DVDs we've been shipping. The problem is I created this in DVD Studio Pro and they have moving chapter menus (where the actual chapter thumbnail moves - not the background).

    Can this be done in Encore (CS3) and more specifically done for Blu-ray? If so, how?

    What are the benefits of upgrading from CS3 to CS5 in terms of Blu-ray? It looks like popup menus have been added - anything else ?

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    Sorry I can't help you in relation to your blu-ray querys, I havn't done any blu-ray authoring.

    When you say the thumbnails move, I read this earlier to mean physically move on the screen. Then just realised something. If so this isn't possible in Encore, well definately not on DVD anyway. I have a feeling that's not what you mean as I may be wrong, but I don't think the DVD format supports that feature.

    Do you mean video plays in the thumbnail?

    If so it can be done, if I rememebr right it's just in the .psd layer naming conventions for buttons. I've never actually used the feature, but if so I don't mind looking it up for you.


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    I just realised that's not entierly true, I did use video thumbnail buttons once. It was before I knew about the naming conventions to create buttons from scratch. I used a video thumbnail button from the Encore library, then editied it in photoshop. I just used all the same layers but replaced the graphic for each of them.

    If it's what your looking to do, it worked well.


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    I found a tutorial on that shows how to do this. It's called Animated Menu. The problem now is that I followed the tutorial to the letter but my menus still don't animate :(

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    Ha! Ignore what I said above! Clearly Adobe Encore still sucks as bad as last time I tried it - the preview does not show the menus animating - but at least they move on a DVD & Blu-ray. Yippee!

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    Motion menus. When If first read your post I envisioned buttons moving on the screen. It was just your wording, but I was sure DVD never supported that. I never clicked till a bit later when I was away from the computer.

    If you use motion menu's in Encore again, you need to render a preview file to see it.

    There used to be a bug relating to this, I'm sure it was in cs3. If I rememebr right you had to look into the file system for 2 files and delete them manually, if you then wanted to make changes to the motion menu.

    There was another big bug in that same version, I can't remeber what that was, but it was a bad one. Both got fixed in the next version.


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    Quote Originally Posted by david walsh View Post
    If you use motion menu's in Encore again, you need to render a preview file to see it.

    Yep - did that - but still no motion on the previews. It works when written to disc though.

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    Maybe it's just motion backgrounds that can be previewed, maybe not video thumbnails. It's maybe even different in the newer version too.


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    The odd thing is that the video tutorial on showed the thumbnails animating as soon as render was done - which is why I was expecting it. No matter - I can work around it as long as it works on the end product.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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