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Thread: Questions Before Purchasing

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    Default Questions Before Purchasing

    First of all, I have been using Pinnacle Studio for years. It was purchased with the expectation that my father (who is used to analog video editing) was going to try and switch to computer editing. I needed something that was user friendly enough for an extreme novice. Well, as it turned out, it still wasn't user friendly enough for him. Therefore, I have inherited the PC as well as any jobs that require a great amount of flare and precision trimming. My biggest complaint with Pinnacle at this point is that any video that has a large amount of speaking, the videos render with a bad video audio sync. Thanks to a post from Chapman Photography, I am aware that this is a problem that has been inherent in nearly all of pinnacle's releases.

    So, on to my questions:

    1: Has anyone had the lip sync problem with Sony Vegas? I did a quick google search for "sony vegas audio sync problem". I did see a few results. I wanted to ask the people who use it.

    2: In reviewing the different versions of Vegas that are offered, there are some things available in Movie Studio Platinum HD that are not available in Vegas Pro 10. The things differences are somewhat minor, but enough to give me pause. For instance, sound forge is a useful tool, I would have expected it to be available in the pro version. Also, the sound effects, NewBlue FX, and the slide show creator seem pretty useful. Finally, the lack of sound tracks available on Pro seems to bother me somewhat. This is a side note, but Pro does not come with a Tutorial dvd. I know it is intended for professionals, but that would be helpful for a guy switching platforms.

    3: Lastly, I have a pinnacle Dazzle box for capturing from an SVHS VCR. Will this work with any of the versions of vegas?

    I know I could ask a sales person, but that tends to lead to unpleasant surprises later on. If you all could tell me any of the problems you have experienced regularly with Vegas, I would appreciate it. I have downloaded the trial version of Vegas Pro as well as the DVD architect. It will be a while before I am totally comfortable. Given that all of the hot keys have changed from pinnacle studio. I wish there were an industry standard for hotkeys.

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    I moved from Pinnacle to Vegas via a few other trials. I have never had any of the issues I had with Pinnacle. I've never had the sound go out of sink either. If you want the feature that you get in Platinum you could buy that and then upgrade to the Pro version if you want. In fact it may be cheaper to get the Pro version that way or it used to be. Check the upgrade prices on the Sony website first. You may be able to get it cheaper from other sites.

    Upgrade to Vegas Pro 10 from Vegas Movie Studio
    Upgrade any version of Vegas Movie Studio, Screenblast Movie Studio, VideoFactory, or Vegas LE software to Vegas Pro 10 software.
    From £335.95

    I don't know about the Dazzle box.

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    Never had any audio sync problems with Vegas Pro.

    MSP is very easy to use use and a bargain, download and try it, will also check your dazzle box.

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    I think sometimes the sync problem is caused by something some kind of conflict with the OS rather than the editing software on its own. For instance, the first version I had of Premiere was 6.5 which is really old now. It worked great with XP/SP1, but after I upgraded to SP2 I started having problems with audio going out of sync with longer clips (like a half hour or more in length), and that was with regular DV-AVI.

    The version of Magix Movie Edit Pro I have won't keep mpg video/audio in sync after export. Vegas never had that problem. In fact, even though I don't use Vegas anymore for anything else, I keep it on my machine for working with mpg files without having to convert them to something else first. It's very good for that.

    Also, I vividly recall several years ago that SoundBlaster audio cards got a very bad rep for a time because people were having problems with their multitrack audio files falling out of sync when recording with that card. I eventually figured out that the problem was that the SB Live cards (back then anyway) had a default recording setting of 16/48 with no way to change it. Well most audio guys at the time wanted to record at 16/44.1 and if you set your audio recording app to that bitrate/resolution it looked as if it was able to to record at that. But in reality, even though the options in your recording app were set to 16/44.1 and you were able to record a 16/44.1 signal like that, what was happening was that the SB Live card was still recording at its default of 16/48 in the background and then converting the newly recorded track on the fly to 16/44.1 while it was recording, and the poor little card just couldn't keep up! As a result, the tracks started going out of sync after 30 seconds or so when you played back your project. I often wonder if there's some kind of bitrate/resolution problem causing audio to go out of sync in these video programs as well. If you find audio going out of sync, you might try horsing around with the bitrate/resolution before bringing in the tracks to see if that helps.

    Another thing that may allow tracks to drift out of sync could have to do with whether or not the codec you're using has key frames or not. This would be especially true with AVI codecs (many of which specify whether or not to use key frames when converting). Key frames in this sense is comepletely different from the key frames you use for effects. Key frames in codecs are what allow you to jump around in a video's timeline. If you don't have any key frames, the curser won't move to a new position when you try to move it. VIMEO videos are like that. You can't move the curser to a new point in the movie, but just have to watch it from beginning to end. That's one thing I really hate about VIMEO.
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    Rather than repeat what others have said ...

    1. SoundForge Movie Studio which comes with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum is pretty basic. It would be expected that someone buying Pro would have their own preferred sound editor. The same goes with the other "bundled" bits you mention. At the "pro" level, the purchaser would most likely prefer to make up his own "bundle" rather than have add-ons foisted upon him.

    2. Midnight is right. It is generally much cheaper t buy Movie Studieo and then upgrade to Pro. In your position, I would but VMSP and, if you still think it's needed, upgrade tp Pro. Tis way you will sav emoney and get all your add-ons.

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    Thank you everyone for the tips. I downloaded both trials one for Movie Studio and one for Vegas Pro. I did the same project with Movie Studio as I had with Pinnacle Studio. Worked fine. It is going to take a while to get the hang of the new software, but it is not too bad.

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between DVD Architect 5.0 and 5.2?

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    Nothing to worry about if you are making DVDs,

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