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Thread: Sony EX3 Space Requirements

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    Hi everyone,

    I am shooting a short film this weekend and the DOP is bringing his Sony EX3 to shoot on. I was wondering how much storage space I would need. How much would, say 20 minutes of footage take up? Will a terabyte external HDD be sufficient?

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    This will be more than adequate. My camera which is similar to this takes about 15Gbs for around 30mins when shooting in 1080i. The camera shoots with a compressed video format so the files sizes are not that big compared to uncompressed.

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    Ah great. So even though it shoots at 35mb/sec it won't be literally that as a file size because it's compressed?

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    Thats correct. That's the magic of compression.

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    No, the EX3 is an XDCAM-EX format camera, which has a maximum bit rate (when set at full quality) of 35Mb/s, that is its compressed bitrate. Uncompressed video has massive bitrates

    Mini DV has a bitrate of 25Mb/s, so XDCAM-EX isn't a great deal more. With mini DV your talking about 1gb for every 5 mins of video but it's a constant bitrate, so you can calculate accurately. XDCAM-EX (when set at full quality) is a variable bit rate format, so while you can't calculate accurately it isn't a great deal more space you'll require than with standard definition Mini DV footage.

    Sony say, in relation to the XDCAM-EX format, that you'll get approxomately 50mins of video, at the high quality setting, on a 16GB memory card.

    So your storage solution is way, way, way, more than adequate.

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