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    Hi all,

    I'm an acrobat and interested in shooting a video of some acrobatics and strength work in super slow mo and black and white against a blank background. I mashed some clips together as a test and would appreciate you to go nuts on constructive criticism. I want to know things like, do you lose interest in the move being performed because it has been slowed too much? do you appreciate a close up or does it confuse you? is the music too slow or fast? Does the fade to black get repetitive between clips? Just anything you can see that puts you off or loses your interest that is caused from bad editing.

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    You might benefit from looking at the really good Snowboarding or BMX Videos to see how they use slow Mo. It's not something that should be used for every shot. I didn't mind the black transition but I didn't think the flashing between colour and B&W at the beginning looked right, It looked like the camera was going wrong to me, like old VHS cameras did at the beginning of the tape.

    It's good that you did a variety of shots but to keep a viewers interest I think it would help if you had more. Is there any way you could have someone somersault over the camera. Also tracking one trick from more than one angle also helps keep viewer interest. Example the run up and take off from one angle, The flight from another, then the landing from yet another. The trick would have to be done repeatedly from all the angles.

    You can then choose the best angles during editing to make a much better, pro looking video.

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    The first 55-seconds seemed like pretty much the same thing over and over and filmed at the same distance. After that it got much better I thought. You need more variety and some regular motion. Non-stop slo-mo gets old really fast. It's also very aggravating sometimes watching sports news clips where they show what they think is a great play and ONLY show it in slo-mo. Slo-mo is fine, but I want to see the play at full speed too!

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    Thanks guys, some really good advice there

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    Were the scenes shot at a high frame rate (e.g. 60fps); as they slow motion shows very little motion blur?
    Whilst I am sure other poster's concerns about overdoing the slo-mo; some of the moves don't actually last very long; so I found the slowness a good way to see them.
    I may have preferred to see more of the total movements. Many shots cut off the feet or head.
    Recently, a chap posted a video of himself doing some clever tricks with a football. As with your clip, I wanted to see more of the acrobatics performed without the obvious confines (distrations) of a gymnasium.
    Thank you for posting it.

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    Hey Tim,
    Yes the footage was shot with a high frame rate using super slow mo on a sony (not mine so I don't remember model). As you probably noticed the moves are slow but slow down more so at the 'centre' of the trick. What I did in editing was slightly speed up the super slow mo before the trick and then slow down the super slow mo in the middle of the trick, so you're never actually seeing the speed the camcorder actually shot it at. The extra slowed part doesn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. I made this with a phantom camera in mind as the day before I only just discovered how much they are to rent!

    Sorry for the late reply.

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    Thats some really impressive stuff!

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    Are you talking about the moves or the editing?

    Thanks for the reply

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