First post so be gentle with me.

I am planning on building a 3D camera set up for action shots/ Basically 2 cheap cameras side by side in a waterproof casing. I will use a red/Blue filter overlay and glasses for the 3D.
My problem is that many of the cameras that I have looked at quote a decent frame rate but since I am planning on using it for white water rafting and canoeing the randomness of the images causes pixellation. A lot of the cheaper cameras I have used are fine if there is a lot of commonality between frames but with fire, water and smoke (all of which I use) it becomes blocky quite often
I need a cheap camera that can encode a full frame quickly.
Price is an issue as I break them (and sometimes me) a lot doing stupid things on water or on bikes.
Bones heal, cameras cost!

Can anyone recommend such an animal?

By way of intro my video work is mostly action/outdoors, fairly basic stuff. I used to Use Adobe Premier 2 but my after last PC upgrade it would no longer work so I am using Kino and some others on Linux. I am quite impressed at the quality of the linux freebies over some of the others I have tried.

Thanks in advance