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Thread: Vegas Pro 10 - How do I crop my clips do different shapes and sizes for PiP?

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    I read in the other thread to go to track motion to crop the clips. I tried that, but when I tried to make a rectangle, it just squeezed the sides together. That's what the video looks like. I want to be able to cut away the sides that I don't want to make rectangles that will fit together (like in this video YouTube - "The Facebook Birthday Song" on YouTube) i tried this before in Event Pan/Crop, but I ended up with black borders on the sides where I cut away and had to improvise with layers. Is there any other way to do this without ending up with the black borders and with nice rectangular shapes?
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    This is worth persevering with. Vegas' flexibility with this is what makes it seem so complex, but once it all click with you you'll find it very flexible indeed.

    Firstly there are several ways of doing this.

    By far the simplest is to use pan and crop as you have been but you need to turn off "Size about Centre" and "Maintain Aspect Ratio". These are the second and third buttons from the bottom down the left hand side of the Event Pan and Crop Window.

    Another way would be to use the mask function within pan and crop (not available in Movie Studio versions).
    Open your Pan and Crop, Click on the "Mask" checkbox at the right hand side of the P&C timeline. Now you can draw a mask around the rectangle (or any shae at all) you want. If necessary resize it in the main
    Job done.
    I used a variant of this technique, which Grazie came up with a few years back (also detailed on this forum) to make this: which is, I think, the sort of thing you're after)

    Which ever method you choose, you then use track motion to move the cropped image to the correct place in the frame.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you so much! This is exactly what i was looking for. I asked my friend and he made me a tutorial video showing the masking technique that I watched mere minutes before reading your reply. Thanks for the video, it helped me out a lot!

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