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Thread: Kalahan: Bass Invaders Music Video

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    Default Kalahan: Bass Invaders Music Video (comments and feedback needed)


    I would like to introduce my first video of a group called Kalahan.

    I filmed, produced and edited this work in the summer. Many late nights...

    Please view and let me know your thoughts.

    I have not had much critique and would really appreciate some feedback.

    Hope you like it.

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    Please guys, gimme some feedback.

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    I see you have put a lot of work into this. The video really fits well with the music. You made a big mistake which was to put subliminals in it. This is one of my pet hates. Would you please list all the words and at what time code you did it.

    The next time you show a video with subliminals in it please give a warning. Thank you.

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    Thanks for your comments.

    The reasoning behind the flash frames is a simple nod the the film Scanners.

    Obey @ 00:05, 00:10

    Nice @ 00:16

    Internet Rumager @ 00:26

    Wraith @ 04:01

    B-Nice @ 04:45

    The intention is more of a joke as the basis of the influences are mainly old bad sic fi movies.

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    Well, leaving the 'music' aside (I pretty much hate it) the vid itself has potential. I think you've relied on too many shots that are the same - but if it was shot live then I guess there's not a deal you can do about that.

    I'm also not sure if the out of focus stuff is entirely intentional too. It looks like the camera was on autofocus and had problems pulling it together.

    The over saturated look is overdone too I think - This track certainly lends itself to that look but I'm not sure all the way through is good.

    If I like the music more perhaps I'd like the video - I just don't know.

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    Thanks for getting back with the list. I know some people think I'm silly about this subject but there is a reason it was banned in adverts. It can affect people on a subconscious level it is a form of hypnotism. I'm not suggesting you meant any harm in this video and understand why you did it. Unfortunately the music probably does more harm in this case. I'm not really in the right age group for this kind of music. BUT I do think the visuals fit well with the music. As Andy said perhaps a little more variety of shots would have helped lift the video.

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    I thought the look was fine in concept; the visuals suited the style of the music. However, the way you implemented the effects, combined with the "samey" camera angles for the live performance, made the peice look straight out of the 80s. In fact, if this was on a VH1 hits of the 80s episode, it wouldn't look out of place.

    I would have dialled down the treatment, and agree with what Andy has said. As it stands, it looks like a copy of an 80s video, rather than inspired by them.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    The bad tracking on the focus was deliberate based on previous test shots I had worked on. Maybe overdone it though.

    The footage from the live stuff was limited due to some of the longer shots not being usable. So was limited in my live visuals. Not sure if that's a reasonable excuse for my lack of experience. More close up footage may have given me more choice.

    The 80's bad studio feel was the intention. But not sure if I over did that too based on the responses.

    I did do a more subtle version, but the band wanted more chaos as did I to suite the track more. So maybe somewhere in between would have worked.

    Well I will take my bruises and move on to the next project. Hopefully as my experience improves so will the results.

    Thanks for the feedback. Much rather have critique than nothing at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rafepurnell View Post
    ...Well I will take my bruises and move on to the next project. Hopefully as my experience improves so will the results.
    Without a doubt. I don't think anyones trashed you completely though - the style and content had promise - and refining your style never ends... as does the learning. You strived to get what the band wanted - and at the end of the day it's them you answer to, not us.

    Quote Originally Posted by rafepurnell View Post
    Thanks for the feedback. Much rather have critique than nothing at all...
    A refeshing change to see comments taken on board without a strop. Good luck with your next project! Now's your chance to take a look at some other videos and comment there - it's a good two way street!

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    Will do. I am an artist primarily. This is a new area for me. Although animation is where I want to work long term.

    It's impossible to work in a goldfish bowl all the time. Feedback is essential. Good and bad. To be honest too many people who have seen the vid tell me how great it us and comment on how I had put allot of work into it.

    Its nice, and appreciated. But really... does not help me. that's why I came looking for a site like this.

    I will keep watching the posts and will comment when I feel I have some thing to say. I am checking daily and already finding it all very interesting if not relevant to me yet.

    I certainly have opinions...

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